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Non-Spherical Art from pyramids - how I do it.

Walk in the Woods

Up until recently, all of my digital artwork has been made inside spheres. But I had the notion to try doing something with a group of pyramids on flat plain. So in my 3D modeling program, I made a plain with a grouping of pyramids on it, lined up military style.

pyramid duplicates

Then I duplicated that plain so I had about six times more of them.

pyramids randomized

I selected the top tips of the pyramids and added some random variation in lateral position, and then rendered this image on the left. In Photoshop, I added color to the trees, and added a shadow in the shape of a man, to make it a little more interesting. My title for this is A Walk in the Woods.

Here are two more images I created with this same 3D model, made with different types of camera lenses, and different techniques in Photoshop:

Growth Pattern

Furball 2

This art was previously posted by me on Twitter, Instagram, and Steemit. Here are links to my accounts:




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