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January Newsletter

Happy New Year!
Have you started a resolution yet? One of mine is to do some weight training, but I haven't started that yet. Another is to explore Spherical Art in a more methodical way, and I started that one on Jan.1st!
And what's coming out of it is a new series of works based on a simple "room" composition. Maybe I gravitated to this after doing a lot of wall covering mock-ups that I told you about in last month's newsletter. Some of these works are now for sale as prints here, and also at
I wanted to share some of my processes with you, so I made a video showing how I created the first piece in this new series. 
You can watch it by clicking on this link.
It's easy to start a new resolution, but difficult to keep it going. This newsletter is added motivation for me to keep going and have something new to show you next month. 
Good luck with your resolutions! 

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