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How "Isobars" was created with duplicated spheres


I use the mathematical patterns that are inherent in polyhedral spheres to help me make artwork - I call that Spherical Art. I'm always trying out new techniques. Here's one I used to create the art called "Isobars."

First, I make an octohedron sphere in my 3D program. It has a three-sided pyramid on each of the eight sides.


Then I pus each of its eight sides outward until they almost clear each other. this becomes the prototype sphere I will multiply.


I create a scaffold to hold the duplicate prototypes. This hexagon sphere has 960 triangular facets. 


Here is the hexagon with 960 copies of the prototype pasted onto, and aligned with each of the hexagon's facets:

hex with dupes

I cut away a portion of the assembly so you can see the void inside, and the pattern on its inner surface. The scaffold has been made invisible. I put a camera and lights from the 3D program inside that void to capture images.


The program renders the scene in five different types of outputs. I bring them into Photoshop as layers.render outputs

I experiment with their layer order, mode and opacity to get the combination that most appeals to me. When I'm happy with the result, I save the file and can order a fine art print.


 © 2018 Paul Petersen  

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