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How I create my Spherical Art

 This visual of mine was featured in the March-April issue of the online magazine "Doorway To Art." I created it to give you an idea of how I create my artwork - with a process I call Spherical Art.

I capture images from the inside of spheres that I create in a 3D program. The spheres can be made in all shapes and sizes, but they all share an inherent mathematical pattern of some form.


The program's virtual camera captures not only the inside facets that the spheres are made of, but also that mathematical pattern or relationship of the parts, which I describe as harmony.

No matter how I deform the spheres, as long as the changes are made globally, the harmony remains. I can distort the spheres to the edge of chaos, and yet if you look closely, the harmony persists, and you can sense it! It keeps these images interesting over time.

Camera in Sphere

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