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About the artist


This abstract art of Paul Petersen goes beyond technical skill and enters poetry.

Charlotte Hart, Chicago, IL

Spherical Art, through the brilliance of Paul Petersen, literally feeds my eyes with its rare imagery and beauty, as in the piece named "Jester".

Isabel McManus, Brooklyn, NY

Perceiving Paul Petersen’s unique digital artworks is like travelling with a time machine – you need to be open-minded and ready for a new discovery with every piece of his art.

WeArtFriends Blog

Galya Varna, Gothenburg, Sweden

It's amazing to see the great development and beauty in what became Paul Petersen's Spherical Art.

Stark&Art Blog

Maria Stark, Hamburg, Germany

@spherical_art is one of those art accounts that makes Twitter grand! Always brings the color, movement, and interest. Big Congratulations on the new web store!


Gallery of Potential Prints

The pieces below have not been made into prints yet. If one interests you, let me know!